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Costs for setting up a new business can be preventatively high, which is why 3R try to make things as easy as possible to get started and only charge when you are actually up & running!.

To make costs manageable we simply take our fee out of your weekly margin. Costs vary according to the percentage margins that you are working to and the relative cost of finance. To see exactly how much this equates to, please have a look at our commission calculator.

Monthly Charge

Subscription to our CRM, Back Office and ‘Broadbean’ are all free of charge. We also offer an initial use of Jobsite’s CV search to help load up your personal database free of charge. The only monthly charge is for accountancy services and this only applies once you have started billing.

Set Up Fees

We charge a nominal registration fee of £300 (incl VAT) to form your company and set up agreements between your new Limited company and 3R.

Apart from the one-off registration fee, if you leave your job and start trading straight away all of your company set-up is free of charge – this includes your email domains, Microsoft Office 365, company branding and website. If you prefer to take a more cautious approach, we will charge a fee to set up your company and help build your database. When you decide to start doing business, we will pay back the set-up fee with your first invoice!

There are also variable costs which you or your company may choose to take on at any time, such as job board advertising, hiring a meeting room or subscribing to a professional body. There are of course costs to these, but invariably 3R can use its bulk buying power to negotiate the best deals for you.

It's time to start your revolution.
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