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Welcome to 3R - The UK's most complete Recruitment Agency Startup service ! Please contact us, if you have any questions


Is 3R just for one-man-bands?

No. We can easily set up companies with any number of partners. We can also set up companies with payroll facilities, so you can employ staff. We can also configure the CRM so that you can work collaboratively with other 3R companies.

If I grow is it scalable?

Certainly. There is no cap on finance, our accountancy package can be scaled up to suit a growing business and all software is designed for a number of consultants to work simultaneously from the same platform.

What do I need to provide?

Just a broadband connection, a computer and a phone! We recommend that you have a reliable desktop PC or laptop, although our system can work on smart-phones and tablets aswell.

What do I need to do to get started?

Before you start we all need to know that it is the right move for you, so we will meet you and produce a proposal which will explain how your business will work and forecast how much money you will make.

When you have made your mind up, getting started is simple!  We just need your registration fee and some id to set up your company. Within days we will be creating your brand and setting up your CRM.

How much will I earn?

Like most jobs in recruitment, earnings are un-capped – you get out what you put in. Have a look at our income calculator to work out some exact figures.

How do I get paid?

 Your company is paid every week at the same time that we invoice your clients, so no waiting for long payment terms or chasing late payment!

Our accounts systems are set up so that your ‘personal’ pay and expenses are received monthly from your company – just like being employed!

 Your monthly income will of course be variable, depending on the revenue that you have generated that month. Each month, it will be paid in the most tax efficient way by means of salary, dividends and business expenses.

Am I tied in?

No, if you decide to go back to being an employee you can do so straight away without any penalty.

If you want to carry on with your business, you can, after all you own it. We will ask you to work with us for 12 months and then require  30 days notice and then you can take any contractors and run your business another way.

We make it quite simple to opt out because we genuinely believe that you will find it more costly in terms of both time & money to set up and run alternative solutions. Providing you with an option to leave ‘keeps us on our toes’ in terms of continually providing improved technology, slicker processes and value for money!

How long does it take to create my company & brand?

Usually in about 2 -3 weeks your brand would have been designed and your website will be live. We will ask for your ideas for a name and ask a few questions to help our designers create the right image for you. We will then offer a number of suggestions from which you can finalise your company logo, brand identity and domain names. Again we will need your help to create text and images to make your website to look exactly as you want it.

How do I get a database?

We understand the importance of having a live database from day one! We help you create this by migrating your network of contacts from social media sites or from any file of database that you own and may have contacts stored in.

You can also add to any network of contacts that you may already have – you can use Jobsite to search and download from their 3.5million CVs and you can use our unique data capture tool to find and upload from social media, contacts which meet your particular criteria.

No need for time consuming data input - Any CVs that you add to your database just need to dragged and dropped into the CRM and our parsing technology will do the rest!

How can I advertise my jobs?

Advertising jobs is easy, thanks to our use of ‘Broadbean’ technology. Our CRM translates your vacancies into ‘Broadbean’ where they can be posted to any number of job boards or social media sites. We have preferential rates with most paid-for job boards, so you can buy just a few credits and still get volume discount.

How do I keep up to date with recruitment legislation?

3R will provide a complete set of recruitment contracts which are designed to comply with all current employment & recruitment legislation. We still recognise that as recruitment professionals it is important that you remain knowledgeable about changes to the industry and recommend that you consider personal or corporate membership of an appropriate representative body. We have relationships with REC, IRP, APSCO and IoR, we can offer preferential membership rates for whichever organisation best suits your needs.

What if my clients don't pay?

This is one major start-up issue that you do not have to worry about, as your perm fees and contract margin are paid to you as soon as the invoice is sent to your client. Our systems will prompt you to set up and do business with your customers within sensible credit limits and we provide an effective credit control team to take care getting paid by your clients. Should the worst happen and your client goes bust we have included bad-debt insurance to make sure that you will never have a huge debt to pay back

What hours do I work?

What you put into the business is entirely up to you – you’re the boss! Many recruitment start-ups will be working flat out to maximise earnings, others will set up a business which they can build around family or other interests. If you decide to work part time 3R’s unique cloud based systems mean that you can still react to any opportunity anywhere and at any time

Where do I work?

Again, this is up to you and the choice is endless, as your entire business is accessible anywhere in the world that has an internet connection! Most 3R start-ups will work from home to save on overheads, but you may choose to invest in office space particularly after a successful first year. 

What about IT support?

We expect support and infrastructure to be the same as if you were working for a large recruitment agency and IT support is no difference. We provide 8am to 5.30pm IT helpdesk and as the CRM is ours, we will do our best to bespoke your systems to suit your own preferred ways of working.

What are the set up costs?

It costs £300 (incl VAT) to register with us.

If you are ready to start working for yourself straight away there are no other set-up costs.

If you like the idea of setting everything up and building a database but not committing 100% we will charge £1,200 incl VAT to get everything ready – if and when you do start trading we will pay the set-up fee back to you. 

What are the on-going costs?

The only monthly costs are for accountancy. This is needed to run the business correctly and to ensure that you are paid in the most tax efficient way. £150 per month (depending on supplier) +VAT per month covers all statutory accounting, VAT returns and year-end tax returns. It also includes a cloud based system to easily monitor your pay & expenses. You only need to start paying this when you begin to trade.

So how do 3R make money?

We make our money by taking a commission from your contract margin and fee income. Our fee starts at 10% for perm business or 20% for contract. Of course cost of finance is variable so use the income calculator to see how much exactly we would pay you.

It's time to start your revolution.
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