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Getting Paid

Getting paid is crucial when starting a new business. A common reason for failure of new businesses is delays in getting paid or failure to be paid at all. Not only is this extremely stressful, but also takes up hours of time that the owner should really be spending recruiting and building the business. At 3R this is removed entirely! Once you have agreed a deal you get paid – guaranteed! And you get paid quickly!

How This Works

Simply add the details of your deal to our CRM in the same way you would expect to if you were working for an agency. When the invoice is sent to your client, the money is paid to you in the same week – quicker than being employed by an agency.

For additional peace of mind, risks which often affect an employed recruiter such as bad debts are also eliminated.

Money Transfer

So how do you get the money out of the company bank account and into your pocket? Well that’s up to you, after all it's your business. Whatever you decide, our accountants will do everything for you. We would recommend that you make routine monthly payments to yourself which should include your tax free expenses, a modest monthly salary and a dividend payment from the company profits.

3R provide a simple online tool combined with a qualified accountant to support your business and our online application provides you with the tools to upload expenses. We create a single invoice for all of your weekly 3R trading and we also do all of the calculations behind the scenes to show how much you need to keep in your business in order to settle your tax obligations. Most importantly, we tell you how much to pay yourself in terms of a salary, and how much to take out of the company in the form of dividends.

The main benefit of our service compared to other software providers is that we also provide you with access to a fully qualified personal client accountant during business hours. Our team is here to make your life even easier and are available for any queries or concerns you have with your business finances. Your accountant is responsible for filing your quarterly and end of year tax returns and provide you with simple guidance on what you need to do pay HMRC.

It's time to start your revolution.
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