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Income Calculator

What could you be earning?

Use this calculator to input the number of contractors you have working and their rates to see what 3R would pay you! Perm consultants, simply enter your monthly number of placements and your average fee.

Please fill in form and find out how much more you could be earning!

I know what I need to earn. So what do I need to produce?

Use this calculator to work out what you need to produce to earn a minimum amount. Contract consultants, enter the amount that you want to earn, then add the average margin and charge rates that you work at to calculate the number of contractors you need to maintain on a plan.

If you are a perm consultant, enter your required earnings and average fee. We will tell you how many scores a month you will need to make!

Please fill in form and find out what you need to generate

The "Big Billers" calculator will help you see how much you could be earning based on your current or forecasted performance – You tell us what you can do, we’ll tell you what you get paid!

The "Lifestyle Recuiters" calculator shows what you need to produce in order to achieve a specified level of earnings – You tell us what you need to earn, we’ll tell you what you’ve got to do!

When you review your calculation, remember that not only will you receive a much higher return on revenue that you produce, the benefits of owning your own business will provide a means of more tax efficient remuneration.

Our research has shown that a typical senior consultant working for an agency, generating £300k in fees per year may earn £40k basic and an average of 20% commission. Compare this to running your own 3R business on an 80% deal and you'll see that it's an amazing proposition.

It's time to start your revolution.
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