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At the heart of the 3R offering sits technology.

Our extensive and varied experiences have allowed us to develop a suite of products and services that are unrivalled in the recruitment sector

As a forward thinking business we understand the need to stay ahead of the technological curve so that our clients have the competitive advantage over their competitors and the ability to operate a seamless and hassle free business from anywhere in the world. 


3R’s CRM is a key part to our overall offering. We felt that products available on the market were generally cumbersome & clunky, often designed to generate board level management information rather than make a recruiter’s life simple & efficient. We have built a flexible system which competes technically with any system on the market; it can be used anywhere on any platform and updates and improvements will take on board ideas from you – the users!

Web-based Multi-platform

  • 3R have produced a cloud based system so our users can access everything they need anywhere with an internet connection. All data is securely stored and continually updated.

  • All functions are designed to be accessed from any device including smart phones, tablets, & laptops.

CV Parsing

  • As a small recruitment company any time spent with longwinded data input tasks will be time wasted. This is why we have incorporated the most efficient CV parsing tools into our system.

  • Simply drag & drop CV documents and we use ‘Burning Glass’ technology to immediately create candidate files complete with candidate's skills, personal information and contact details.

Integrated Email

  • Our CRM is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365.

  • All your inbound and outbound emails are automatically recognised and recorded against the appropriate contacts - no need to cut & paste important messages!

Job-board Connectivity

  • We are integrated to Broadbean to provide a simple process to post vacancies simply to many job boards. Application data is fed back into the system for you to review and forward to your clients with just a few clicks.

Quick Intelligent Searching

  • We offer a range of easy to use, but powerful search tools to accommodate the personal preferences of any recruiter. Either use ‘free text search’ to find key words in the text of a CV. Create your own dictionary of buzzwords to tie together clients, candidates & vacancies or ‘pigeon hole’ groups of workers into commonly used, favourite groups.

  • We have an up to date UK postcode database to pinpoint any search geographically.

Intuitive Vacancy Management

  • Central to any recruiter’s day is management of their live vacancies (work in progress).

  • We have made this central to our system and any vacancy transaction from an online application through interviews, offers and start, is completely intuitive and provides an easy to follow log of activity for all vacancies.

Automated Contract Generation

  • Throughout the vacancy filling process, our CRM will automatically generate and save emails to clients and candidates to protect all parties, comply with current legislation ensure that terms of business are in place.

  • Contracts for PAYE, Umbrella and Consultancy agreements are easy to select and details are merged into the documents as the vacancy process is completed.

Simple Mail Merge for Email & SMS

  • Getting the message out there quickly is essential. We have created a simple technique to tag candidate files to tell them about new opportunities via SMS or email. Similarly you can mail CV’s to your client contacts to highlight the best candidates coming on to the market.

Social Media Connectivity

  • 3R CRM is compatible with all major social media links. It is straight forward to advertise jobs via social media. You can import your network of contacts straight in to your databasees.

Calendar & Tasks

  • As our CRM works in tandem with Microsoft Office 365, all key events such as interviews and start dates are automatically logged in your outlook diary.

Bespoke Reporting

  • We want your recruiting experience to be as simple and relevant as possible, so we can personalise your CRM to provide reporting information that is useful to you

Data Migration

  • We want to get you up and running as quickly as possible, so we have made sure that you can add contacts to our CRM to produce a competitive database in a few days.

  • Your network of candidates on Linked-in can easily be dropped in to your database and highlighted as clients or candidates.

  • Any other database of contacts can be migrated across.

  • Zip files of cv’s can be uploaded 50 at a time.

IT Helpdesk

  • As you would expect if you were working for any agency we have help desk staff on hand throughout office hours to deal with any queries or problems

Cloud Technology

In simple terms, The Cloud is a centrally located destination where you data can sit that is accessible from anywhere.  This removes the need for costly infrastructure and eliminates the need to invest in top end computer systems.

As well as the benefits of having a centrally accessible location for your data, The Cloud also removes any concerns about outages or disaster recovery as there are experts on hand 24/7 to look after your data. The Cloud gives you access to your information and the ability to manipulate it from anywhere with an internet connection and the peace of mind that it is stored and maintained in a safe and secure environment. Teams of security experts look after your information so you can concentrate on your business. 

The flexibility of The Cloud means that you can work with almost any device, desktop, laptop, tablet, even mobile from anywhere with an internet connection and because we buy in bulk from the Cloud provider it allows our customers to enjoy the cost saving benefits.

Cloud based technology is the IT future of all businesses, both, large and small. Embracing it now will make your business more efficient going forward. 


At 3R we are committed to continual change & improvement and we will look to our users to understand how the systems are being used and how they can be kept at the forefront of the market.

Our senior development team have been involved in the development of recruitment software for over 20 years and have led the industry in advancements such as AI and cloud technology.







It's time to start your revolution.
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