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What type of people
do we help?

There are a wide variety of people who can benefit massively from the services and support offered by 3R.

Through our collective experiences, we have established that there are a number of factors we believe set people apart and make them an ideal fit for what we offer. Our associates come from a variety of recruitment sectors as we are more interested in helping those best suited to what we have to offer rather than which sector you will be trading in.

Below are the 4 main categories that we believe a 3R associate would currently fit and if you have any questions about qualifying criteria then feel free to get in touch with us and we will happily talk through any of your queries.

Top Billers

  • 3R is designed for top billers working at established recruitment agencies

  • Recruiters competent in their roles but are not being rewarded properly for the revenue they generate for their employers.

  • In the short term you can increase your earning by 3 times

  • In the long term you can grow a business how you want and earn what you believe you are worth.

Although we do not stipulate criteria which you have to demonstrate to join 3R, we recommend the following as a recipe for success.

  • Senior consultants & upwards, with at least 3 years’ experience in an agency environment.

  • You would have received training from the agency that you have been employed by.

  • You will be a 360 degree recruiter, able to win new business whilst maintaining existing relationships 

  • Experience of specialist, niche markets – be it a market, discipline, profession or geographical area.

  • You will have a reputation within your preferred market and an extensive network of prospective clients & candidates

Lifestyle Recruiters

  • 3R systems are designed to be flexible to enable experienced recruiters to build a business around a few trusted clients and balance your work with other parts of your personal life.

  • Most common reason to become a lifestyle recruiter is to balance work with family commitments – working around school hours for example.

  • You may have another commitment – another job that you are passionate about, but does not pay well or you may want to study or develop new skills.

  • You may simply want to spend a bit more time on the golf course

  • See from the income calculator the relatively small amount of revenue that you need to generate to earn similar money to what you may earn at your current employer. 

  • You decide the hours that you want to work

  • Of course, you cannot be too rigid, and you have to be able to deal with applications and interviews whenever a client needs. Our cloud based systems provide the ultimate flexibility to deal with issues any time from a phone, laptop or tablet – anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

  • Everything can be scaled up, so if you have more time on your hands, you can start working the hours that you used to!

Teams of Recruiters

  • For many recruiters the need to work as part of a team is an important factor, this may be because the support of team members brings out the best in them; group knowledge and shared data helps improve performance  1 + 1 = 2 and a bit! …or maybe you just want somebody to share the experience with.

  • At 3R we can provide a variety of solutions which allows groups of people to work together. Either your company can be set up to have any number of shareholders and profits can be distributed between all. We can set up your systems to be shared and if you don’t want to move into offices, we can provide networked telephone systems to create a virtual office between everybody’s homes.

  • If you choose employ people at any stage our accountancy package can accommodate payroll of new consultants, researchers or resourcers.

Established Agencies

  • Hundreds of recruitment companies are formed each month.

  • On reflection, many may review the deals that they have in place with their various partners & suppliers

  • How much are you paying a factoring company?

  • What lending limits to the bank impose?

  • How much do your pay for your CRM?

  • How fit for purpose is your CRM?

  • Have you got round to building your own website yet?


  • Of course the needs of an up & running business are more complex than a fresh start-up, so give us a call to discuss a solution to suit you

It's time to start your revolution.
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